How To Add Real Value To Your Website

How To Add Real Value To Your Website

How To Add Real Value To Your Website

According to the website, Internet Live Stats, Google processes over 40,000 inquiries every second. Many of those inquiries are phrased in the form of a question. If you don’t offer answers to some of the most common questions around your industry or niche, you are missing out on a ton of traffic to your website.

But simply addressing common questions on your website can only get you so far. After all, while having good information on your site can bring you the clicks you might be after, there’s extra strategy needed to turn those clicks into customers. And, turning clicks into customers is what you’re after, isn’t it?

There are lots of ways to do this, of course. (For some further insight into the subject, check out my free case study.) But one of the most innovative ways I’ve seen is to include a quiz or calculator on your website.

You may have seen examples of these kinds of interactive tools on real estate website (mortgage calculators) or diet program websites (calorie calculators). And, when these types of tools appear on a website, they play a huge role in moving people closer to a purchase.

Not only is the information from a simple quiz or calculator of real value to people, but it can also be positioned with a call-to-action at the end, getting website visitors to book an appointment or invest in a product. The simple act of engaging with a quiz or calculator can have a tremendous psychological influence on someone.

I was working with a client a few months ago on a calculator for a touring business, and we ended up creating a serviceable, but not-very-attractive tool using Google Forms.

So, when I recently encountered the online quiz and calculator builder, Outgrow, I was really excited about the possibilities. Not only can you make beautiful, interactive tools to add to your website, but you can also use them to collect leads and integrate them with your email service, Zapier, and beyond.

I wanted to try it out for myself, so I signed up for their free trial, and got to work churning out my own calculator. Since I had recently written a post on how to increase your customer lifetime value, I thought a customer value calculator would be a good test.

Once I had my trial account in place, I confirmed my email address and got to work. First, I created a new “experience.”

Outgrow experience

I was given the choice of creating either a calculator or a quiz. Since I know I was dealing with numbers, I picked the calculator option. But if I had wanted to drive visitors toward selecting from different products or services of mine, for example, I would have chosen a quiz.

What will you create

I gave my calculator a title (this was just for my reference, so I could identify it inside my account).

Add a title

I selected a template from their collection…

Template selection

And then I got to work on constructing everything. First up was to create a “welcome page,” where I would collect contact information so I could follow up with my prospects who used the tool.

Customers Lifetime value

Then, I put together a simple series of questions to help them calculate their customer lifetime value. After plugging in four questions (it’s best to keep these kinds of things short, so you maximize the engagement of your visitors), I told Outgrow how to calculate the result, and, poof, I was done!


The entire process took me less than 20 minutes, and the page was instantly published and ready to receive traffic and collect leads.

Outgrow customer lifetime value

Outgrow is a smart, simple to use, and impressive tool that can help you not only increase your website’s perceived value, but also assist you in increasing your engagement and conversions. I’ve only scratched the surface in my initial test, but after my experience, I won’t hesitate to recommend it to any business looking to add value to their site and find a better way to collect more leads. Want to see Outgrow in action? Try building your own calculators and quizzes for free through their trial offer to see if it’s a good fit for you.

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David BaerDavid Baer is founder of Baer On Marketing. Specializing in marketing funnel development & lead generation consulting and services. David has been marketing online for over two decades, with extensive marketing experience in theater, classical music, and wine, as well as digital product development. David lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon, with his wife and daughter.

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