Quick and Easy Social Content Building

Quick and Easy Social Content Building

Quick and Easy Social Content Building

Not long ago, I had a client who was struggling to get any kind of engagement at all from her social media posts. She called me in to her office to sit down with her staff and review what they had been doing.

Within a minute, it was pretty clear to me where things had gone wrong.

Post after post, the content was all about the features of their services, followed by links to really boring sounding articles about their industry, and an occasional “special offer” that lacked any excitement (let alone a call-to-action to tell viewers how to take advantage of the offer).

Sadly, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a social media account that looked like this… and it won’t be the last.

But there are ways to fix this classic “engagement” problem, quickly and easily, so you and your business can start attracting more followers who look forward to your social content and, by extension, develop a closer relationship with your business or brand.

Here’s the big secret to creating better social content:

it’s not about you… it’s about them!

Not about them about you

Think, for a moment, about the types of posts that interest you. Let’s say you’re standing in line, waiting to buy movie tickets, and you pull out your phone to check out what’s happening on Facebook. What catches your attention? What doesn’t.

The likelihood is that the items you’ll respond to most have at least these two things in common:

1. They are visually stimulating
2. They feature something that you care about

And that means a whitepaper on the latest finding about gum disease or a photo of the window assembly plant’s latest equipment at work probably aren’t gonna do it for you.

Oh, and while we’re at it, here’s another little secret worth considering: Your social content should be consistent and relevant. But not necessarily relevant to your business or industry… rather it should be relevant to the interests of your audience.

That means, if you own a tour company taking people to visit breweries in Portland Oregon, your audience might also be interested in great restaurants in the area too… or fun facts about the city… or even beer trivia in general.

Where do you come up with great social content?

There are several ways I teach my clients to create content for their social media accounts. While other digital marketing consultants tend to suggest scheduling tools like Hootsuite, or several years, I don’t think those kinds of platforms are very helpful when it comes to inspiring content ideas. So, instead, I’ve been recommending the excellent PostPlanner, which helps you find existing viral (popular) content and either share it yourself or recreate it to fit your brand or business.

The only shortcoming I have noticed with PostPlanner is that it is limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (at the time I’m writing this, at least), and those platforms may not necessarily be the right fit for a given business’ social plan.

Professional quality social content creation without hiring a professional

While working with a client whose audience was primarily on LinkedIn, I found myself looking for an alternative to PostPlanner. That’s when I discovered PromoRepublic, a content builder for social media, that includes thousand of editable post templates and a built-in scheduling tool for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Social Media Content Builder

Here’s a review I did of the software, shortly after I started using it…

I’ve been really impressed with what this tool can do, and want to help support the growth (and further enhancements) of this platform. So I reached out to the team behind it to arrange a special FREE Trial for my readers and followers.

Here’s how you get started inside PromoRepublic. Once you’ve registered on their platform, you simply connect your various social media accounts. As I mentioned earlier, they are currently integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Connect social pages to PromoRepublic

Once you’ve selected and authorized the connection to each social account, you’ll set up a default posting schedule which tells PromoRepublic which days you want to post. They have an algorithm in place to identify the ideal posting times each day for you to get the best engagement, but you also have the option of scheduling specific times manually.

You will also have the opportunity to define what kind of content is most appropriate to be recommended to you for posting. In my case, I selected several keywords related to online marketing, consulting, and training.

PromoRepublic David Baer

Once you have your accounts set up, your dashboard gets populated with post ideas. Some of these are spot on for the kind of content I want to share with my followers. Others might inspire some tweaks before posting. And because they are constantly developing new content in each category, I have yet to run into a situation where I can’t find anything worth posting.

Social Media Content Builder

The next step is the fun part. Once I have found a suggested post, I simply click on it, make the adjustments I want in their highly intuitive, easy-to-use editor, and schedule the post for publication. With each post taking me about 3 minutes, I can get an entire week of content for one or more social profiles built and scheduled in well under a hour.

Mac computer

PromoRepublic is clearly on the right path with a tool that is simple to use for small businesses and solopreneurs. But it’s also robust enough for a social media manager or agency to use to support multiple clients.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to build and schedule social content give PromoRepublic a try today. And let me know what you think!

Originally posted on Baer On Marketing

David BaerDavid Baer is founder of Baer On Marketing. Specializing in marketing funnel development & lead generation consulting and services. David has been marketing online for over two decades, with extensive marketing experience in theater, classical music, and wine, as well as digital product development. David lives in beautiful Portland, Oregon, with his wife and daughter.

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