Video Content And The Marketing Funnel [Infographic]

Video Content And The Marketing Funnel [Infographic]

Video Content And The Marketing Funnel [Infographic]

As the old saying goes, ‘a picture tells a thousand words’, and when it comes to marketing the statement has never been truer. When you consider that 90% of customers find video helpful when making buying decisions, it is hardly surprising that 87% of online marketers already use video as part of their digital marketing strategies. This infographic from One Productions takes you through what video is needed for each stage of the buyer funnel and it’s important to remember that different videos are required for each stage of the funnel.

For example, many of you will remember the Volvo Trucks ad with Jean Claude Van Damme. This was very focused on promoting the Volvo brand, but it wouldn’t have been a suitable video for someone in the consideration stage or the decision stage of the buyer funnel. More focussed videos are required at these stages to get customers over the line. Find out more about what type of video to use at each stage of the buyer funnel in the infographic.

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Author Biography: Tom Hopkins is the Managing Director of One Productions an integrated communications agency, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Tom is a Film and Video Director as well as an Art Director. He has 22 years’ experience working in the media and communications sector.

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