How To Make Money From Social Media Platforms

How To Make Money From Social Media Platforms

How To Make Money From Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have come a long way from being just a platform of interaction for people like you and I, to attracting numerous companies in building and increasing their customer base. And what if I told you, that this crazy growth of social media platforms is working in your favor and by the end of this article, you will learn a ton of crazy ways to make money from our beloved social media platforms.

Also you are in luck because even setting up accounts with them wouldn’t cost you a dime. So let’s turn you into a money making magnet!

1. Making Money On Facebook!

Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook doesn’t let you earn money directly. Instead you will have to use the below mentioned sneaky tips and tricks to make Facebook an income generating source for you.

  • Before anything, you need to create a Facebook Page or a group with substantial amount of likes to make it seem attractive to brands.
  • Through Facebook instant articles, you can monetize your blog posts wherein Facebook will post ads on them.
  • You can also make money from sponsored posts.
  • You can sell and promote your own products.
  • Also through affiliation you can earn by promoting apps or referral programs.
  • You can also share links to send traffic to paying websites or videos, etc.
  • You can drive traffic from your Facebook page to your website.

2. Making Money On YouTube!

Over the years YouTube has proved itself to be the godfather of anything and everything related to videos.  So here are a few ways you can make money from it.

  • You can monetize your YouTube videos by becoming a YouTube partner that will let run advertisements on your videos and a certain percentage of the earnings from advertisers will be shared with you.
  • If your channel becomes successful enough to get sponsorship then you can be paid or can receive free products in exchange for the placement or in general promotion of the product.
  • Affiliate marketing is a great source of earning for smaller channels. Here you can partner up with companies and promote and put up a link to their products. You will get a commission every time someone purchases something with your link.
  • Once you have achieved a cult following on YouTube, you can even drive the traffic to your own websites and other platforms if they are a better source of income for you.
  • Once you have established your brand name, you can even sell products or merchandise under your name.
  • If you feel that you been creating great content on YouTube but still haven’t been able to make a living from it, and then you can take the help of your subscribers. Through crowd funding, you can ask your subscribers to pay any amount to fund and help you in putting out great videos for them.
  • There are many other ways that will help you to make money from each and every YouTube videos you have in your channel.

3. Making Money On Instagram!

Move aside Facebook, because our new favorite social site Instagram is not here to play games.

  • First of all, you have to be hands on with your profile. You have to be very active and try to bring traffic to your account if you want to make it a source of income.
  • On Instagram too, you can earn by creating sponsored posts and brands promotions.
  • You can affiliate or partner up with various companies and brands and can even put up a link to their products in your bio as you cannot put up direct links with posts on Instagram.
  • If you love photography, you can even post those pictures on Instagram and if brands like your pictures, they may contact you and purchase them from you. However do not forget to put watermarks on your pictures to prevent them from getting stolen.
  • Yes, on Instagram too, you can sell your own goods and merchandise to your followers. You can also drive the traffic to your website by putting its link in the bio.
  • You can even sell Instagram accounts. If you have worked hard and have been able to create a huge follow base and if the a/c meets all the required criteria’s, then you can sell the accounts for a great price.

4. Making Money On Twitter!

No, Twitter is not dying! Even though it has been stagnant with the rise of other social media platforms, it is definitely catching up to them.

  • Guess what? Just like YouTube, Now you can monetize your videos on Twitter too.
  • Just like Instagram, you can build up a great Twitter a/c with a huge following and then sell it for an attractive price.
  • All hail affiliation marketing!
  • You can promote your products and brand here too.
  • Just like other platforms you can drive the traffic to your blogs or even drive them to your YouTube channel.
  • You can earn through app referrals.
  • You can earn through sponsored tweets Many celebs get paid this way.

5. Making Money On LinkedIn!

LinkedIn provides a very high quality platform for online entrepreneurs. Here are a few ways you can earn a great deal on LinkedIn.

  • First you need to be very clear about your business or the job that you desire and then create a very attractive profile to get clients for your business.
  • It is a great platform to promote your brand.
  • You can earn by promoting other companies too, here you can work as marketing managers for them.
  • You can sell your products here too.
  • And once again affiliate marketing is our savior.
  • You can earn on a commission basis by recommending potential candidates to companies
  • You can even put ads in your LinkedIn groups.
  • Drive the traffic to your website.

The above mentioned tips will definitely make your life much easier. However, if you want to make stable career on social media platforms then you need to remember a few things.

For a sustainable income, start by focusing on building your brand and then turn to marketing and making money from it. Success through this medium isn’t possible overnight, so be patient and be consistent with your content.

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