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How to Submit Articles to Right Time Marketer

Right Time Marketer welcomes marketers in all industries to submit content for us to share on the site.

We’re looking for talented authors to submit articles with innovative ideas and best practices in a variety of categories including: right time marketing, digital marketing, customer experience, and more.

  • Written submissions should be 600-1000 words and submitted in a word document
  • Media submissions must be accompanied by a 50-75 word description
    • Videos can be submitted via a Vimeo or YouTube link for review
  • All images should be included in the word document for placement purposes and attached to the email itself. Right Time Marketer reserves the right to remove or swap out images as we see fit
  • All statistics must be sourced via internal hyperlink
  • All submissions should be accompanied by the name, title, company, a 2-3 line biography of the contributor, and a high-resolution  photo (.jpg or .png)

Right Time Marketer will review your article or media submission and respond within 5-7 days with suggested edits, approval, or rejection for publication. We reserve the right to make minor edits for clarity, grammar, style, and length, but any substantial changes are subject to contributor approval.

Submissions can be reposted on the contributor’s home blog, but require a link back and notation “Originally published on Right Time Marketer on MM/DD/YY.”

Please email your submissions to